Friday, 11 March 2011


In the peninsula of life the optimism
resides on the adjoining land of trust
as a barrier reef emerges with dream
I hold your hand to cross the strip of
profound sea, the phrase of affection
creates the elegant colors into corals!
in the sturdy sand storm my emotions
wishes to refuge over the breastbone,
your feathery touch gives tranquility, as
birds hide the nestlings under wings!
the passing sound of cyclonic wind later
paused on the dune of sweet consent,
in the scarcity of rain you filled grottos
of stem, these unsolved bounties had
given the life to crack of heart, forever
found myself into new horizons, orchid
of life full- fledged whenever you cuddle
is it your persona a tall  fig tree goes -
towards the concave sky of milky night
in this space of allegiance I kneel down
to implore your hidden love for me, the
entirety of submit makes me the alpha
and omega, a thin line between beauty
and mystical power classified magnitude
of your value in life, I breathe the freshness.