Saturday, 12 March 2011


Lurid firmament, moon light descendes
without sound through the web of foliage
in the fluorescent beauty of nature, our
desires becomes the Greek deities with
crest of olive leaves, coiled expectations
unfolds the threads one by one, blue veins
are invisible, passion flows as chlorophyll
the soft chisel of unknown sculptor moves
through the whole body, we molded the
pleasing flash beyond the crystallography !
walking on the virgin trails of mystifying
forest, the profundity of night, wild bloom
falls consistently as splash of waterfalls, we
traveled all along the wildfire, on the sand
inscription near the stream, we found the
omitted page of life somewhere in the soul
or the blooming corporal terrain of realism !
they searched everywhere with bearing
the ignited woods in hand, anger in eyes,
the hooves sound of mighty horses, in last
disappeared in the silence of abundant dells,
we reached to origin of dawn, in this serene
land, lotus are floating slowly, keeping the
dreams on the heart, we looked the sky, the
last star of night still smiling with frail glow,
the drops of ecstasy as the pearls reflecting
from the giant leaves of lotus, aquatic blues
here our life becomes the gold leaf !