Sunday, 13 March 2011


Computation in abacus of life was void
numerous times I touched the same beads
between the wires your image emerged
I puzzled, the frame looks always the face of
memorable, as a melodious music plays
on the notations, in the tip of brush, colors
exposing the eternal beauty, going to mingle
with water, heart becomes magnum opus!
whenever you like to touch the forbidden
limit of proximity, the persona spreads out
with multiple undergrowth roots of desire !
on the wet surface of earth, mildness opens
the path to evolve tender leaves, soft rays
of claret dawn fills later the maturity of love,
knowing to you in absolute way I wait for
you, close to the burning pyre of scented
copse, in the close by temple of Shiva, hours
passed, day repeated, seasons changed,
why you still hesitate to see me as a dead !
in the excessive zenith of devotion, love has
no option to sacrifice the corporal accessory,
on the stairs of holy stream, you walked bare
foot, I raised hands from the depth of turmoil
waves to prove my existence, in the twilight
the affection might be faded, its possible my
beloved, immortality demands altruism, you
posses my body no doubt, soul stayed gratis !