Monday, 14 March 2011


Whenever nature had somersaulted, in a
moment the beauty becomes the beast-
the hustle bustle of life deserted forever,
the fetus of earth concealed the enormous
baffling, as your silent gradient towards me
creates the hyacinth attitude, emotion is
suffocated, its knotty but purplish blue
flower in your red lips invites to love you !
the breast of lake seems gorgeous, the net
of aquatic lilies stalks interlock to each other,
the ruby colored blooms creates the trap,
the dreams are swamp, invisibly immerse
desires hold the body below the waist, vines
of affection creeps through ribs to eyes, I
have no alternative than submission, a little
bit pay for touching the stunning petals, life
has multidimensional layers, never ends, the
devastated city in the end again comes on
the track, the flyover path travels from
the lands to blues, the slip, crack, drift all
the detach space fills by you, as anger goes
down, the inner waves relax on the remains
may be chest or the sea coast, you and nature
are born free, no one could predict, the depth
of perception, the dense secret of your kiss !