Tuesday, 15 March 2011


The complex characters in the life and
continuation with someone to prolong
creates the riddle of sphinx, sitting alone
on the rock of seashore I saw the twilight
calling desperately to discover the secret
of relationship, sometimes we have to
compromise unwanted state on others
boundaries, for survival, few drops of rain
on the infertile terrain, creates the dreams !
these crystal shaped droplets on branches
of naked thorny shrubs makes the life for
short termed happy, the dried lowland of
heart regains greenery touch, accept the
destiny, in the next door a person lay
to sell his body for some money, buyer
has lion faced human body, no clemency !
we have no time to think for a line written
on the web page : I am ready to do any thing
I am a handsome guy but very poor, I need
money ! the psychology of survival does not
walk on the path of Freud s law, circumstances
forces a person change his identity, in fact
we all face same crisis of persona, the riddle
of sphinx is natural, someone has human face
with lion body, hidden fangs and nails grow
at any time if prey is weaker than predator.