Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Albeit tonight sky has bejeweled with
colossal stars, galaxy, nebulas, celestial
flowers, moon was not there but souk of
enthusiasm said it s not the end of life -
silently you came near the breathing, the
outlying space started shining, strange
object zoomed in a way that I could see
the destination trough your dove eyes!
I seized slowly, stretching right hand to
your persona, the dipping star stayed for
few moments, dreams emerged from
your shivering lips in form of clustered
jasmine, sheer fragrance filled leisurely,

cipher space, exchange of emotion had
relaxed at last as rigid waves capitulated
on the husky surface of shoreline, the
delighted foams were collected by hearts!
drifting togetherness created charming
bonding of our correlation, the moonless
night, as we gazed with starling intensity!
the gray clouds gradually mixed with
silver touch, began them to floating towards
the east, I found million of life were
raising their tiny pods to scatter the nectar!
I looked beyond the description your smile.