Monday, 7 March 2011


Aesthetic ambiance, someone ornamented
again this twilight, sky desires to sprinkle the
the crystals of zeal with pearly touched colors!
launch the life with new dimension, lets go
in the distant, on the lap of blooming valleys,
beloved s sweet infringement lit the arid
dark feelings, the globe seems like glass ball
I have gone through the mirrors across the
apparent adoration, you looked me in a way
that I have been changed the skepticism, the
hands itself raised towards the cipher, eyes
felt wet sensation, suddenly I embraced the
stubborn child on my arms, I kissed him, a flow
diverted from your heart to me, in the nearby
lawn, numerous Touch me not flowers, just
calling me to pat them with softly, life awaited
for decades to see the prismatic rain of bliss!
the sculptures were only nonliving creatures
before loving you, I do not know the magic of
unseen attachment,now whole things look
more gorgeous, striking, as poetries are flowing
through the nerves of marble textures on a
natural leafy designs, even the redundant wood
appeals to think its hidden beauty, touching
to my soul by mysterious smiles, you have
altered whole the life, millions expectations have
been born in the chest, world is now amazing !