Thursday, 17 March 2011


Symbiosis feeling brings us nearer to heart
here we left over the space for egotism
sharing the life of each other not possible
but there is middle path always, apart from
corporal quarry, other aspects appeals too,
a feeling that you love me beyond any
expectation, I love you  more than life, the
bridge between the two people is not
essential ends on the poles of physical ecstasy!
sometimes you get hurt I feel pain, in the
extreme adoration mind loss the planet, an
image every moment overlaps persona, life
senses a mystical perception, a thin line of
spirituality peeps in the depth of relationship!
gender, colors, status, ugly or beautiful all
taxonomy in this state, becomes worthless,
actually in this absolute level I feel your body
the part of me, how to hurt myself, a question
prohibit always to betray to allegiance, and
the bridge remains intact, trust becomes
stronger day by day, sharing to each others
emotions become easier, when heart, brains
stabilized peacefully, our steps go to colorful
horizon, life regains the freshness, entirety!
the sun looks different moon rises from sea
instead blues, stars hides under the wings of
fireflies, mosaic colors emerge from the
snow caved mountains, heart wants to love
you beyond  the cosmos again and again !