Wednesday, 6 October 2010

the unseen destination

the pigeon flock is on the move
vast blues fascinated them to fly
some silvery clouds desire to stay
as unknown accord between us
says- let the blossom spread out,
the silky sun light of after noon
resting on the bougainvillea herbs,
in your proximity, dreams reborn
your persona reshaped swiftly as
touch me not- tiny flowers with full
passion, i looked you with stable
eyelashes, scented twilight walked
slowly under your inclined face,
the delicate lips wanted to hide the
emotions,sweet smile unfolded all,
i know, your heart is restless, desire
to listen my beutiful approach, in the
darkness i said- love you, softly
you move the face towards tuber-
lillies, i saw they gradually open the
petals,fragranced moments dragged
us, and we lost the unseen destination.
-- shantanu sanyal