Tuesday, 5 October 2010

mystic blossom

indefinite was the destnation, but
we reached together in the valley
of dreams, a divine perception was
forced to accept the reality of life,
here, every thing is molded in a single
color of compassion, the path of love
and sacrifice, faces are irrelevant just
a slight inclination to stretch the hand,
embracing the painful emotions, keeping
the piece of cooton, dipped into the love,
wounds have uniformed feelings, please
feel it, the hidden pleasure of injured
face says, somewhere ray of hope is --
surviving still, to pick up the teardrops
we surrendered, all the egos to get
real pleasure of life, a sweet smile, for
sharing all miseriesof someone, we
detached the self interests, in search of
a mystic blossom, could be appeared
on the heart of sahara, one day we all
would be love to each other, like the
abundant flowers of eden, blooming
together, sharing the nectar in combined.
-- shantanu sanyal