Sunday, 10 October 2010

lovely icon

unveiled today my love before

the world, why you depressed

circle of life has unlimited rings,

may be an object for an individual

whirling emotions move in speed

centred to an unseen lovely icon,

perhaps you looked only one color

heart stirred with mosaic shades,

my destinations were not estimated

valleys, flowers, rivers, sea, moon

i know them, feel too, life doesn t

wants to hang around visions only,

internal eyes performed its

role gracefully, i found a beam

piercing to the soul for liberation,

appealing to embrace the ugly

faces, oozing wounds, to give them

some hopes, i refuse to my desire,

accepted the penalties in true love

to follow the path of authencity

i left the familiar trail, let the

destiny has to decide the result,

-- shantanu sanyal