Tuesday, 12 October 2010


heart is reached in some distinct
stranger habitat, something unique
untouched territory of nature,
cloudy mountains, lush green jungle
i could hear the sound of waterfalls,
from far away, virgin wild flowers
intact aroma flying in the gentle wind
creepers trying to climb the tree
falling down again and again, as wind
touching the tender stem softly but
delicate emotions desire to embrace
the awning, here life is free from all
the relations, just wants to exposed
the hidden ambitions, my heart wants
to say loudly - i am wild, do not touch me .
the inclined life, as the soft winter noon,
contacts were bloomed, in the morning
i had recieved fragranced greetings, how
to say, dreams are ended in the horizon,
your weary face waits for new creations,
i would be happy, night lilies will bloom,
evening says- just keep some little space
in the heart, sunflowers nodded the stems,
may be darkness has a longer expedition
i know, but somewhere dawn is awaited
in your closeness life revives beautifully.
do not ask to me, how the bridge
is collapsed, soundless, slowly the
city of blessing sunk into the gulf
raising hands of emotion couldnt
reach to the life boats, you were far
away, near the edge, i accepted the
destiny, and hidden myself forever
i found peace, a silence benieth
thanks to you, for leaving the hand
dream is broken before the dawn.
subversive flow of a torrent
eroded the rocky bank, later
you compromised with me
though the beautiful moments are
no longer remained in the eyes,
life looks across the memories
you image mixed in to the
speedy waves, residues changed
the colors, i pathched the emotion,
any how, once you loved to me
i shunned, touching the old pages
let it extinct itself in lap of time.
-- shantanu sanyal