Monday, 11 October 2010


seismic behavior is very easy to
tear down the beautiful creations,
formation of elegant, nimble art
needed a prolong dedication, as
consecutive emotions go through
to love a symbol,face for decades
statue becomes live before the faith
why not the living organism to be
tamed, love has the solution, just
apply that, wilderness has not only
one sided, softness is always hidden
under the aggression, explore the
profundity of the termoil ocean,
precious gems are abundant in the
heart,loving touch is essential to
get the extraction of perfumes,
blossom desires caring hands,
silence sometimes says numerous
a smoke goes up, makes obscure
sequence of reality appears itself,
in the darkness pain increases axis
mirror becomes active, secrets go
through the depth of heart, egos
challenge the persona,the soul wants
liberation from the pseudo image,
answering to own, is the most difficult
process, but it s needed sometimes
self purification brings the winter
with marvelous blossom of thought,
perception of love has no boundary
i never tried to make it limited, narrow
that's your determination,how to
describe the depth of emotion,
-- shantanu sanyal