Saturday, 2 October 2010

the completeness

expectations to get the completeness
of love, you deluded all the emotions
my commitments are deep rain clouds,
to cover all the arid land of life, i desire
to break myself numerous times to fill
the hollowness of hearts including you,
my love has no prejudice, you ask to
conscience, release me to fly as a bird,
the beauties of planet offered me love
flowers glamourized my persona, ocean
rivers,valleys hypnotized my passion,
i submitted all the physical vigor to you,
just let me liberate from the whirl of
affection, my heart is restless for strange
world of survival, i want to love again to
them who has been left behind far away,
may be you couldnt feel, the echoes ---
coming from the long destination in pieces,
some faces overshadowed by the world
few suffocated feelings want to breathing,
in the lap of stripped nature, as a fetus
impatient to see the light, new experience,
i want to break the promise my beloved
let me live for some more days, please --
-- shantanu sanyal