Thursday, 28 April 2011


Neither origin nor conclusion,
A flow moves subversive
Inner the perception,
A simple arithmetic that says
If my existence is before
You, it means whole the planet
Moves in its rotation,
All the logic created for self
Importance, the rope of
Breathing holds the beauty of
Life, heart beating flows
On the flowers, valleys, sea,
Desert, cascades, moon,
Sun, galaxies, stars because
I’m surviving, feeling emotion of
Wet eyes, mind is unstable,
As a Child picks beautiful cactus
Spiny touch is inevitable, the
Complicated definition is
In your eyes, my adoration has
Widespread outlook, don’t
Try to make the boundaries, here
No fear to loss, I didn’t lock
The doors, windows have no panes,
Let anyone to be included,
The soul’s congregation is tonight
The oath ceremony to be attend
By everybody no favoritism
Condition is just easy, have you
Tear drops in your eyes,
Could you walk on the flames?
Carrying the cross on the shoulders,