Saturday, 4 June 2011

Several incomplete expectations
Frequently haunts the life,
Meaning of early morning dream
Was shadow of date – palm,
Respiring for some moment was
Not so easy, unwillingly a lot of
Compromise didn’t permit me to
Fill the empty sketch it’s unlike
That I tried to conceal the wetness
Of eyes, on the pavement of
Metro I have seen the auction of
Immature emotion prior to the
Ripe, the unsung faces over looked
By the crowd however they lifted
The weak hands before sink, I
Often think to forget that scream
Of pain, a pathetic appeal for
Survival, a broken breath, the
Crawling infancy on the melted
Coal tar highway, the exhausting
Youthfulness hammering the stones
In the quarry, I tried to read the
Language of their eyes, sunburn
Body, skeleton chest, twisted
Physique has no whine, the wordless
Passer – by had no time to think
A moment, perhaps they were the
Dust of pre-monsoon, later settle
Down on the surface, skyscrapers
Are engaged by glittering dream, the
Weeping emotions are searching a
Shelter for only one night, though
Foundation stone had promised
Once to the mason that meaning of
Morning dreams, but they didn’t
Understand until the torrential rain,