Friday, 27 May 2011

Beyond that sand dunes

In the solitary confinement
Emotion would be suffocate
My dear friend,
Before the spring, search the
Buddy to bloom with full
Sway in aesthetic way,
In the canvas of life, shades
Goes in waves, emotion
Need to scatter as
Fragrance doesn’t care the
The uneven surface,
Across the Blue Mountains
Dream sleeps,
The wings of love is restless,
Beyond that sand dunes
A planet has waited,
Before the twilight, do not
Forget to reach on the
Territory of tuber roses,
Who knows the mood of sky?
The dazzling moments
Comes rare in the life, just
Accept the proposal of
Smiling together, the magical
Aurora, the luminous
Event appears once a
Blue moon, delay in consent
Would be mistake, nothing
Is wrong to break the enclosed
Bars, liberation is the birth
Rights to surf on violent flow,
Alternatively, floating on
Steady blow, the gloomy face
Often rejects by mirror too,
I have called you with
Politeness to accept the pearls
Of dew, time has stayed on
Wild berry’s thorny tips,
Heart moves slowly towards
Eyes to edge of your lips,
Life walks cautiously, step by
Step on the narrow bridge,
To touch your wet emotions
Twilight becomes juvenile hope!