Thursday, 26 May 2011

The rendezvous day was unchanged
However some rebellion thoughts
Have deceived, isolated emotion
Cried before the cipher, the life has
No any other alternative, unwillingly
Many times, we compromised with
The reverse condition of the world,
The way of survival is not so easy
Still, we have to walk on burning trail,
Closing the eyes in the sandy storm
Was not solution, but it’s occurred
We have no daring to protest against
The immoral acts of society, though
We have seen silently the atrocity,
Abuse, exploitation, denial of rights,
The predatory attitudes, the masked
Clergy’s concealed lust, the refined
Class’s lower graph, the buying and
Selling in the name of humanity, the
Stripped philosophy naked logic, every
Thing, in fact somewhere we found
Paralyzed persona, but attuned it with
Life, sometimes washed hands too,
The pseudo beauty we bring entire
Age, cutting the finger himself recorded
The name in the list of martyrs’ sacrifice,
Several times became the director
Of caravan, and betrayed the faction
After looking the self interest, our
Performing arts had magical appeal, the
Invisible mirror has album of reflection,
When it breaks, it is difficult to save
The delicate part of body, heart, soul
From stabbing by pointed tip, here
Escaping is not so easy, the calculation
Of peccadillo and virtue would be
Finalize only on this planet, paradise or
Hell, who has seen, but we have no
Other way in this birth to liberate from
The darkness of off beam deeds,
Its only absolute truth, we would be
Never proficient to abolish the image
From the mirror of character, as the
Spot of birthmark chases till the death,