Friday, 20 August 2010

some broken lines

a few incomplete canvases
stiffed brushes, frizzed colours
its happened, sometimes shadows
refuse to accept the presence,
the rain drops couldnt fill the
the margin of heart, dried since
a long time, as you forget to pass
through the rain shadow valleys,
the partial landscape of life
hang about, for your silence to
accept the authenticity of love,
though the clouds were promised
to break their egoism, for few
moments to deluge the arid part,
but it was too late, emotional
shades waited for your consent,
the monsoon changed the path
the wet sketch, slowly died
you turned down the request
the painting of the life suffocated,
seasons has thrown it ruthlessly
it s not easy to recognize, the
relations, some broken lines - - - -
- - - shantanu sanyal