Thursday, 19 August 2010

nothing is left to hide

unwanted, hideous faces are
closer to my heart, because
i found your gorgeous face
everywhere just abundantly
hiding in the depth of their
bleeding, wounded hearts
essence goes through these
blamed, abused, hated path
how can you say me atheist,
i pray and love to all faces
easy to break the statues
burn the doctrines created
by the world, it s arduous to
convert the faces into the
blossom, have a miracle near
someone, share the inner love
i desire to swap all deformity
my love is exigent, loves to
residual souls, uncared smiles-
hugs me, makes the relations
physical, mental, any thing
i am the river, flowing since
centuries to accept flowers
salvia, venom, sin, purity --
i love you so much, hence
nothing is left over near me to hide.
-- shantanu sanyal