Sunday, 29 August 2010

the riddles

neither you asked nor answered by me
i do not know, how it happened
an unseen relation between us developed
without the meduim -- strange -- but true
i feel your presence in my individuality
an image often moves
silently around the my shadow, i confessed
someone merged or
its the waves bringing me away far away
oceanic blue sky becomes suddenly
mosaic art of renaissance era - - -
leonardo, picasso, micheil angelo --
often sitting in the midnight together
my living room becomes the art gallery
i feel, they talk only for you -- i found
myself in athens, sometimes in florence
the crowd of question marks
chasing the days and night - - -
beyond the definition, a feeling is growing
like a cilmber creeping, on the body, mind,
hundreds desire erupt in a tiny moment
the agitation wants to drag me in the
virgin wilderness -- the purity refuses
to accept the submission --
who cares, the whirpool, the cyclone
i am the moth -- the short life, just want to
die in your arms, the endless passion gives me
--- shantanu sanyal