Sunday, 29 August 2010

precious moments

in the region of your existence
a magnatic field react the full life,
a traveler forgets the path, roams
around the starry - - magical eyes
please keep enclosed emotion, tonight
let to be grown more sensation
tonight let me to divide in particles,
love me extremely over the expectation
a long separation bring us so closer
let live in this precious moments
and die jointly before the dawn appear
dissolve whole the planet in a touch
my persona wants to melt in you
as iceberg sinks in to the ocean - -
the summer gives the chance to the blooming,
release all the desires, -- let seeds to be
germinated, tender leaves want to touch
the blues -- give the new meanings
the love beyond the discription,
a divine feeling, delighted the heart
please do not remove your face
from my dried chest -- just keep your
eyelases on the thirsty lips -- let me
submit all the flow of passion
as two unknown rivers meet somewhere
and become an individual giant wave,
flowing towards the horizon
let go, away far away, holding hands together
in that point - - - the ever lasting night sustained!
-- shantanu sanyal