Saturday, 28 August 2010

extinct moments

magical full moon
moves slowly in th silver blue
night birds singing or calling to
each other, difficult to recognize
the mysterious beautiful night - -
reflections asked many questions
answers are crazy
no permanent shelter
roaming in the land of tuber lilies
gypsy thoughts want to settle down
somewhere in the dreamy island
do not ask the introduction
just sit down the nearer
no expression, no discussion
tonight i want to walk
on the lunatic path of moon rays
wilderness will break the limit
tonight do not go away
just to closer to my heart
i have been requested to the morning
just wait in the horizon
till our return
from the unknown land of passion
the flowering valley -- every where
desires are blooming in masaic colours,
do not release me tonight from
your ocean  deep  eyes, just hold my persona
in your gorgeous encloser - - - keep
my emotions on your delicate lips,
as a rare moments i want to dissolve myself
tonight in everlasting love.
----shantanu sanyal