Wednesday, 18 August 2010

the feelings

inner crusader defied, mid night
unrestrained emotions do not permit,
desires to be asleep, flesh and bones
blood and mind, unseen flow existed
among the crowd of idealistic thoughts,
stripped passion bloomed, nothing
is sinful, if tired soul wants to rest
on the origin of birth, an organism
revolts, the love evolves, new creation
gives a new dimensions to the life,
the profound valleys, rare orchids
vivid colors, required beautiful attempt
plucking the rose no scratch!
gain and pain, the part of life, simple
philosophy, no complications
the stream which flows constantly
between the two physical edges
the emotions bridging them often
to get healing touch for survival,
its natural - absolute truth - - - -
two magnetic field submit, itself
in a point of love, no need any
scientific hypothesis, proof, theories
its agreement between the feelings,
just feel it, forget the rest of world ! 
- - - shantanu sanyal