Sunday, 3 July 2011

A note of address, flying kiss, strange
Smile, body language, all together
Made a stunning reunion promise, the
The wings of time was unsteady, it
Flew in its way, wandering emotion
Hadn’t the aviary, season couldn’t wait
For me, ice had melted on the peak,
Fresh breathing surfaced on the dales,
Unspecified wilds bloom reappeared
In the tip of inclined bough, whose
Shadow is floating on calm lake I tried
To identify, perhaps some thin clouds
Are left over in the ash colored sky,
Past moment sometimes, feel s
Nostalgic fragrance, in the tip of finger
Few drops let of memory wants to
Sustained wetness, magnetism of your
Love holds the hands, an absorb
Appeal goes through body to brain, on
The canopy of life agreements,
Compromises replacing slowly all the
Broken promise, the wind of mild -
Warmth has a wonderful effect, the
Flow of glacier gradually increasing the
Speed, heart wishes to paint again,
Write poetries see the mirror through
A different angle, an expectation
Emerging fast, a fossilized desire, a dead
Sensation, life touching the dreams -