Thursday, 21 July 2011

the last night you had embraced me 
in way that I still feel the apnea, that 
impendency raises the several query!
however on those illusive moments -
the blues unfolded the starry, bleak 
encampment, dreams were flying on 
the surface of relationship,standing 
near the creeper of passion flowers, 
heart had no escape corridor,the wet  
railing of balcony, said repeatedly it's 
raining in the remote of forest, hiding 
cyclone has its own perception, you 
can not easily redeem the touch of -
nocturnal fragrance on the body,love 
chases whole the life, all the times,
the tube roses hides the aquatic drop
carefully inside the closed petals, 
drown emotion has no other desire -
excluding assimilation in your love with 
complete authenticity, transparency 
its needed to sustained prolong aroma
in the corporal, spiritual planet with purity.