Wednesday, 20 July 2011

 The Concentrated Attention
the straying of mind had no certainty
it snips the life silently, from this sky
to that planet incessant race to fill the
desires,an addiction, a narcotism of
delusion invites implicit distress, pain !
heart roams on the plateau of drift -
valleys of emotion, sticking with lot of
dreams, life doesn't wish to face the
reality, in  subconscious actually we
creates the nice imaginary world, albeit
under the feet is laying helical spinose
path, the way of survival needs the affix
point of sorrow and pleasure,in the art
of balance my success was concealed,
though I wandered to search you -
everywhere, in manifold destinations, in
the dark,in the light while you have
already inhabited inner the heart since
first breathing on this planet !