Saturday, 9 July 2011

the painful echoes vibrating
from the valleys of 
emotions, the life looks 
redundant,where again the 
mirror is broken, my 
image is scattered on the 
floor,though twilight has 
mosaic beauty,
why wounded smoke raising 
from the lamps,unknown 
face, sitting isolated, 
I don't know the reason behind 
the gloomy faces,who are 
those strange shadows,   
eagerly looking towards the sky 
its rain s prophesy, or a messianic
thought preparing for sacrifice,
gazing the glassy cross,
someone hiding, pasted the 
advertisement of season,
life almost passed
in waiting of all wellness's
 spring, didn't see anybody smiling,       
continuous a comprehensive 
silence dominated the life,
an emptiness of mausoleum,
people had have said, somewhere 
here is existed the stair of heaven,
Hadn't see you in the mist 
smokes of pain  were raising 
echoes were breaking, scattering
on the trail some pieces of 
mirror were laying carelessly,
lamps breathed at last, 
life waited till the break of day
a cause to smile, everybody could 
share a beautiful short life.