Friday, 15 July 2011

derelict foams of seashore hides
oyster's untouched beauty, shells 
broken corals, twigs of weeds, for
discoveries, life needs inclination,
in this junction of earth and ocean, 
 heart floats to touch the adoration,
the sinking sun often leaves the -
some touch of innocent dreams on
the steady aquatic surface, night 
decorates the waves with moonlit 
magic,silence of shoreline creates
romance in the dried moment of -
life, unknowingly you hold hand, I
accept this submission by depth
of internal heart, as lifting beautiful
mosaic dreams from the wet sand!
the reflection of tiny rays of shells - 
filling constantly the passionate feels,
alone an unknown boat plunging in
its way, on the little turmoil waves,
restless pulsation searches, the point
to throw the anchor,near the edges  
of your big oval shaped eyes, life
doesn't want to separate the persona 
from your cryptic threads of trap, 
something unexplained sentiments 
brings me in your proximity with a 
distinct essence of scattering pearls!