Sunday, 24 July 2011


on the invisible altar I had chanted, the
psalm of love, this adoration was for 
everybody, beyond the identity, bet or
condition, do not break the oath for -
petty reasons, the planet has plenty of
unexplored space, let me refuge in 
the heart, living alone is not possible,
self - knowledge says all the time, the
breathing doesn't care the boundaries,
amid the tear droplet and smiles, a
tiny stream flows incessantly day and 
night, perception appeals to adhere
the path of sacrifice, pride, egotism -
sanctimony are the path of subversion,
evanescent life desires only love, peace
all wide bridge doesn't know the dialect 
of crown, aristocracy, it's a medium to 
bring the traveler across the river -
on the land of adoration, altar of love !