Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ubiquitous Reflection

the chaplet of love never lost redolence -
embraced the soul in a way that I had
offered the entire life under that shadow, 
respiration graphs created aesthetic 
sketches, borrowed the beauty from the
nature, oblation of heart is nothing, the 
soul submitted in the utmost adoration,
this deep indulgence doesn't fright any
consequences, till the end of earth, the
manitou would be deviate in the universe !
to get God's truth on your sacred face,
on that capacious lap of beloved, all the
sin, virtue, love, animus, distinction, all
diversification of life get the justice with
probity, on that extreme point nobody feels
degenerated, the doors of self realization
have opened forever, a gameness is
needed only to pass the apertura with
devout heart, this culmination of love links
the soul to supreme power, invisibly that
leman scatters the indigo brilliance light,
life walks slowly towards that destination !
gradually all fallacy, mist of illusion,
disappears one by one, the abstersion
brings new glaze into the persona, the dry
eyes feel the moist, here starts the repletion
process in life, I see your image on wounded
rejected, discarded, bleeding faces, this
sensation force me to love you intensely !