Wednesday, 27 July 2011


across the jagged, sultry, thorny arid land
of desert, life traveled the journey, hoary
clouds had no time to talk for a moment !
sweating destiny didn't support I just left
it on the sand dunes, might be in the late
night, dreams had been covered with the
silky arms, galaxy, stars, moon scattered
the beauty on my meteor -crater, chest
never complained, comet had written few
lines on the oriental sky, perhaps the -
essence of life shared by integral friends
waterfalls, rivers, flowers, pale leaves, dew
droplets of web, thrived tress of wild trail,
though they inhabited far away in own world,
I feel into my broken breath several times,
loved all of them with integrity, tried the
 inclusion of smiles, sometimes spilled
down tear drops couldn't be concealed into
the heart, up down path of life in the end
became the boon, blooming valleys -
reluctantly loved me, blessed with unseen
weal, tried to share smiles on everybody's
face, except that I had no other dream,