Saturday, 30 July 2011

the game of seek and hide, the incessantly
chase behind  the illusion, brought me in
the land of prodigious, weird moving -
shadows, venom dipped all the arrows had
missed the direction, sheltered on the
chest, tried to obviate them, it's true, heart -
ignored all the time the pain of wounds,
the injured soul strayed here and there, mum
speechless emotion remained unanswered !
dripping blood drops reminded them my
existence, I hadn't path for scape, time filled
all the bores, skin covered the spots,
maverick clouds recaptured the grey sky, in
the end of twilight I found, waiting silence -
face, on the stairs of cathedral, your arms
are still stretched for me, since centuries life
searched your infinite love, I confounded
after looking the graceful your beauty, the
destination itself asking me for final address!

painting by - Jeff Rowland