Monday, 11 July 2011

steps questioned often
touching to your persona, is it the
ultimate destination in life, I wouldn't
desire to see the death of dream,
from your subtle eyes, a prismatic
ray flows in way that I can see path in
the dense gloominess too, all the
masculinity here submits to adoration,
the definition of love, I do not wish to
change for an evanescent pleasure,
the bridge of emotions are so delicate
willingly too, I can't cross the stream,
the aquatic level is yet knee deep -
not so difficult to reach another edge,
let the clouds to be condensed on
blues, movement is needed to settle
down, dry monsoon has not acquired
the intensity of downpour, whenever the
flow of love would reach to the risque
point, I would be there stretching  the
arms, chest is towards the insulation
process, let torrential rain embrace the
desert of centurion thirst, do not break
the unseen boundary in premature way,
just minerals are now, in the furnace,
the purity needs the burning blue flames!