Tuesday, 12 July 2011

perhaps they didn't wait for me
before the dawn, left the inn
to get the first hour train,
it's happened in the life
 several  times, the needle of
clock follows only the rules of flow,
the emotions had the wings
of butterflies, weak, glassy, feeble
from the eyes to heart was
a long distance, tried to reach the
tip of adoration, though didn't
know the consequences of  love,
on the footprints, somebody
had written the meaning of pyre
deciphering the sentiments wasn't
the child's play, the life twisted
in its circle, single meaning too, I
couldn't understand,
aphorism of
tear drops had short life, broken
from the eye edges, scattered
soundlessly on the floor, later sky
has decorated the space with the
cipher-code of galaxy, empty platform
of station explained beautifully
about the existence of new dream ---