Wednesday, 13 July 2011

the salinity of life concentrated to only
self created miseries,I forgot to smile !
a desire to get more than imagination
made me musk deer, ran after dreams
though happiness was in my nucleus,
do not ask again the calculation of life
all the equations cheated so brilliantly,
entire the world surrounded the persona,
own shrinkage didn't share the emotion,
it's my image, impounded many times,
complaining regarding the isolation was
so easy,mind opted acting to win the all
people,the self polarized method pushed
me in the corner of gloominess, here my
soul has no alternative step, except the
compromise with the condition, actually
heart doesn't accepted the defeat, mind
has mission to win the planet, this passion
of unlimited reason brings me often near
to mysterious thing, this wandering habit
makes the life more twisted, coiled, self
centered, simple easier path was before
the vision, I had weaved the complicated
net, in four alphabets that whole the -
extraction was hidden, I ignored the truth,
I forgot to love you with depth of dedication,