Friday, 29 April 2011


In the life, there is no lack of
Episodes that I keep as memoir
Alternatively, whom I have to
Overlook, it’s difficult to live
With wrecked dream, let create
Some new definitions, that
Tetragon had looted my
Glittering planet several times,
In this straight line, I met you,
Long-ago had its ruined sculpture,
Nearby is waited for final
Stoke, the art of life travels freely,
The bridge of survival sustained,
Every step is relevant, success is
The fragile doll, in the hand
It’s gold, if fall down just becomes
The clay, the destiny’s clouds
Have no certain path, across the
Mountain is the arid land,
Every so often it passes over the
That terrains but no rain,
In this twilight life has shared, few
Beautiful moments with you,
Who knows tomorrow would be
Hence, kind again, this way
Has various destinations, whom
To follow not easy to say,
Their knowledge were complicated,
My acceptance is obstinate,
In the transparency winner lingered
Undecided, in mid path,
I selected you so I loved you,