Tuesday, 20 July 2010


expression was tried to be domesticated
inner demon leaped and climbed to the brain
to be called a sterilized man
gone through by the yoga and gym
from the religious doctrines to secular ideology
tried to convert the pseudo principles
a method to winning the desires
connection to the sanyas--
for self declaration of a pure absolute male
always the hollowness attached
remained uncontrolled inner fire
found the most volatile,explosive
a massive dense forest burning--since the earth
is existed,necked truth--accepted the failures
internal monster never dies
in subconsense,pleasure have multi fangs
a lust of hot flesh, a power to supress the weaker
challenging the spiritual phobia
human being never to be domesticated
biologically or socially
widerness gives him pleasure,satisfactions
omnivores ---the supreme creature
no mask--no veil--no shame ---unfold
entire transparency
a full sized glass--highlighted by
false flowers,leaves ---
continued blooming and falling down
one by one in the dense darkness
the layers of civilization unfolds its colors
in the same way --- onions unfold
and gives away the tear drops
eyes are found always answer less --
every one wants to look his stripped image
in the mirror of life.
--- shantanu sanyal