Tuesday, 20 July 2010


metallic darkness and ethnic love
rejects the artificial margins in the woodland,
a transparency challenges
to so called man made civilization
two shadows hugged as the wild climbers
live or die, on the each others arms
no taxomony, between the prey and predator
the centuries old thirst
a self burning process,a sweet sensation
flows through the nerves, winy winds,
wild mahuva flowers, blended in the saliva
an age old drink , breaks the myth
stripped shadows passed over the log bridge
the sweat smells every where
drum beating is continued in the lower valley-
in the tribal habitat through the monotonous
rythm,metallic darkness becoming the thicker
and thicker, near by nervous call of stag
hysterically,creating the atmosphere in more
ferocious and seductive flair
moon is hidden in the canopy
in midnight the ignition reached to its peak
massive burning every where
shadows moisturized, breathing and screams
converted in the sweet amalgum of satisfaction
hidden clouds are waiting some where
to burst in the millions particles
the moon still under the black
muscles of clouds, tonight nature
scattered more space for two unknown lovers.
---- shantanu sanyal