Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WHO KNOWS - - - ?

floating some rotten flowers
on the bank of the river-
the ancient temple stairs are
touching the destiny s consequences,
today someone is star of your eyes
tomorrow who would knew
out of detection might be,
do not love extremely,exceptionally
keep some space for
collecting the pieces of the
broken dreams---
little away a corpse is floating
on the waves, wandering dogs
are sitting near the edge with dropping
the saliva---
died did not know who loved, or hated
and emerged in the water
he is out of all philosophy
eagles, vultures are flying over the high
nothing is the new in it
death is the absolute truth
no one could disloyal to it
bells are ringing in the
ruined century old temple of Shiva
conch s sound mingling with
near by passing a train through the bridge
a dingy boat far away --towards the south
going to the unknown destnation
who knows the last mark of the journey?
the love and hate together promised for survival
might be it ridiculous but it is the 
part of life----
- - - shantanu sanyal