Monday, 26 July 2010

the real paradise

the real paradise

An imaginary personality, ridiculous

Followers in millions just running –

Behind the shadows, blind eyes killing

The innocent after the rituals of their

Supremacy, Jesus, Buddha wants rescue

The brutal attack of primitive habitat –

Civilization failed, Darwin s theory

Reversed, de-evolution is continued.

What’s wrong in the human behaviors?

Once a Friday, after the prayer

Some people assembled, near the

Worship place, dragged one innocent-

Traveler and killed him ruthlessly

And raised victory slogan ---

The man before dying requested

Folding the hands for mercy –

They didn’t forgive him, because

They were real, pure follower of

An imaginary object and others

Are caterpillars, insects, non believer,

They have no rights to survive

What type s planet is created by them?

The millions moisturized eyes

Speechless, after the carnage of Mumbai,

The twin tower tragedy, covered

Under the shrouds of debris –

The bloodbath is continued, destination is

unknown. Humanity and brotherhood are

Absurd, meaningless—here religion is

Addiction and peoples are carnivores.

The cannibalizing process is persistently

Going on in different shape ---

Rest of the world has to think

For future -- -- how to make the planet

Beautiful, the real heaven – it’s a question.

---- shantanu sanyal