Friday, 16 July 2010

The dreams of morning

The dreams of morning

All dark sides of the life, assembled -

Near the bed I couldn’t sleep last night.

Every body was insisting, I had to share

Some moments with them,

One personality and hundreds characters!

How to satisfy every one, in a short night?

Infancy wanted to give back the virginity-

As friends snatched the innocent beauty

For experimental fun ---in the rainy nights,

Juvenile days demanded to get back the purity

As adults made them addicted of desire--

Some mature faces were unsatisfied as

Society forced them to follow the false doctrines,

Few old wrinkles were tired, wanted

Fresh wind to live for some more days

Endless catalog, only one thing was common-

All the sides were blank pages.

I failed to answer them, just distributed

The dreams of morning, which was standing

Somewhere in the back of darkness---

---Shantanu Sanyal