Sunday, 16 January 2011


flicker of affection was not so eternal
occasionally we surfed on the emotions,
the hollow pledge before the deities was
the part of endearing the heart, acting
and sacrificing were supplemented to each
other, revolutionary thoughts were empty,

i knew the face in the crowd, who declared
the crusader himself, in the darkness that
well known look deal the business of broker,
they sold every thing including the soul for
some money, i had no other way to accept
the defeat, the friend or foe, do not ask
the definition, i have also seen the world,

the hunger, insult, exploitation, malign ---
stamped on the body, do you want to see!
how did you reach in the first place ?
nothing is hidden as you were behind me,
eyes had witnessed you nakedness, it s hard
my friend to escape from reality s landscape,

your book of socialism, humanism, equalizer
of society, i read whole the life, that s reason
i am in the prison and news paper says -
you are busy to inaugurate your son s new
company, i have experience, my dear, in the
bad times the shadow leaves the body, you
are so called human being, if there would be
spare time, just meet me, i will show you,  cursed
bleeding heart, with lot of cancer, breathing yet!