Saturday, 15 January 2011


please do not make the complications
let my mind innocent as a fawn,
the philosophy of life should be
obvious, transparent, my delicate faith
denied the twisted web of prophecies,

you can not sculpt the statues by
avoiding the truth , the science of
survival is not the imaginary poetries,
the inner or outer hunger is born natural
doctrines of the sky could not changed,

death is not the ultimate destination
life itself has to travel across the realities,
some desires are born each and every
moment, some died before the adulthood,
the psychology of mind has no limit
you could not cage it in the law of logic,

for some extend books help us to
explore the planet, but solutions are
not the final, research of life is not so
easy, experience and dreams are the
parallel lines go together up to horizon,

what is going in the perception of mind?
answers are hidden in the heart, your
presumption might be completely wrong,
let the flower bloom itself, by force
opening the petals is dangerous, it would
be damage the internal, outer beauties,