Thursday, 13 January 2011



the arithmetic of life was complicated
numerous times calculation is failed,
i tried to keep the blooming valley in
the sphere of mind s eye, loop holes
of adoration let it run away in autumn,

the equation of heart did not become
reciprocal, emotions remained unsolved ,
before the dawn horizon changed colors
now it looks oily grey, spotted by reddish
spray, the missing blues raised questions,

mirror said mercury has limited periods,
the beautiful urn is poured out the liquid
laying on the table as discarded object,
few droplets of perfume on the way to
say curtailed history, on the arena i wept
vigorously alone, the blank corridor had
no more words to complete the saga of
life, resonance were weak died on the
path, in the necropolis, the tall tree again
thrived with graceful violet pink blossom,

though spring is far away, here i sat down
isolated on the broken bench, cathedral bell
still ringing somewhere in the lower valleys,
mysterious calls of adoration did not find
me, i waited for you whole the life in search of
a short sentence, that did you love me really!


the diary of life has some wet pages
please go through little by little to heart,
just now i learn to smile , let some more
passion flowers to be bloomed, my
paralyzed feelings desire to walk as
you hugged with internal affections,

in this quixotic twilight i am prepared
to share whatever you want, heart
soul, corporal pleasure, i have been
nominated rest of life in your tenure,
from here we have to go the farthest
destination of love, a relationship of
immortality, the moment is delighted,

the millions red roses are scattered on
the surface of submission everlasting,
look the western sky, love is splashed
colored the blue canvas, tonight is pro-
vided the dreamy bed for us, we have
to create the beautiful planet in our
body and soul, wind of Eden is scented
our body, spirit, touch me in a way
that my persona to be altered like a
condensed clouds of the century old,

keep a consistently flame burning in your
body, heart, soul, in this rare precious
moment, the love desires to break the limits
embrace me with thunderous way
i want to melt down whole the masculinity.