Monday, 10 January 2011


in the dazzling miasma of winter end
far away in the rain forest our love is
grown as bluish-purple wild flower,
near the gigantic flow of the Amazon,
we have written the love script on the
flow, twilights filled the passion mean-
while, macaw feathers had covered
our kisses, hanging creepers bearing
tiny bloom, hidden our body and soul,
we lost our path in the dense forest
the boat is washed away by the tidal
waves, the blue moon is emerged in
above the delta end of Atlantic Ocean,
the divine rays lifted us, we flown
through the clouds of magical planet
embracing to each other in way
we have been reached to seventh sky,
from here we could see the earth
just like a giant colorful bubble, the
river looks like a thin line of origin,
in a mystical night we crossed over the
decade long beautiful life, in these
moments we forgot all the miseries, we
have been created the rarest painting.
--Painting by -JONE BINZONELLI