Sunday, 23 January 2011


the evaluation of life does not wait
for approval by the beloved ones, its
too late my friend to consider the
value of love, when the desire is dead
someone offered the nice cuisine!

numerous times it is happened, in the
beauty of spring ever one searched
the beautiful flowers, but no one cares
the dried pale leaves in the autumn,
the world moves around the rising sun
worshiper, evening stars have short life
their existence or extinct is extraneous,

the door was opened as usual since
a long time,glows had no time to visit,
indoor plants dried up though there was
no lack of tear drops, the old eyes waited
day and night to see a glance of bliss,
when someone appeared before the easy-
chair, eyes had no more the brightness,

no complain to nightfall further, it tried
all the best to fill the fragrance in the life,
the lines of palm betrayed me, isolation-
was only my dear in long gloominess,
the breathing feel still that in the sky, moon
is travelling alone with wide smile, the
night lilies are gazing to grasp the dreams,
i have very less to say in this end of night!