Monday, 24 January 2011


tale of that stormy dark night, filled
the fascination in the life, astonishing
relation was developed in the darkness,
for those moments we had removed the
desolations of life, did you remember the
sound of thunder and lighting of thick-
clouds, shrinkage the space between us,

the thrilling experience brought on the
land of unexpected happiness, inclusive
moment of love, we revealed the body,
the untouched tip of passion pulled into
the bottom of tremendous internal beauty,

however whole the city was under the
breakdown of electricity, in the wet wind
we loved to each other, illuminated the
heart, traveled through the primordial trails,
we felt that millions corporal bulbs were
had been burst out with the various flow
and life was submerged into mass fragrance,

stimulating togetherness, intense desires,
have generated the immortal bonding of two
different persona, converted to unbreakable
element, that night questioned us how much
time do you required, after getting our answer,
night replied- for your love i am agree to
adopt everlasting, wish the wide compliances!