Tuesday, 25 January 2011


amid us there was some compliant
the allegiance to love each other, but
beaker has to break one day, writing
fragile! handle carefully, was annulled,

exquisite sundown does not think all
about the crack or rift of the earth, it
has to spread out the beautiful colors,
in this juncture of send off the relation
i could see some infant dreams into your
pretty big eyes, nothing is immoral if
heart does not desire to love me more,

glimmer of future appears in your smile
gloominess is diluted, the pale body odor
substituted by the the third person, the print
of kisses are now part of history, breathing
says, you released gladly, enhanced adieu
walking together for some distance was
not so bad, i feel out of suffocation too,

window panes became now crystal clear
the twisted emotions changed straight,
in this last meeting, i do not to hide
secret, after deserted by you, i am in love!
to someone, here exchanging is equal ,
i am sorry to say it but i have to survive
so good  bye my dear friend!twilight is
ended, night is calling us from separated
paths, dreams have no more monopoly -