Saturday, 22 January 2011


why zilch remained in the space of the
life, i tried to fill all splendors in
your heart, borrowed the vivid colors
from the flowers, coral reefs, gems
my feelings were laid on the coast sand as
shells of oysters, after deletion the pearls,

like a cuckoo, you did not think once
dreams were left by you redundant,
on the nest of burning arid my chest,
is it painless, that emotion migrated? and
you did not desire to deem for a moment,

in the orb of affection the dream slept
when the dawn appeared it tried to fly but
your rebuff is turned the life, this crow
stance! made susceptible, wing fell down,

the love has asphyxiated, i do not know
how and when the gulf is urbanized, and
the boat of affiliation is sank near the edge,
the moonless night, i am standing alone
looking the gloomy sky, somewhere your
memoirs are breaking in the thunderous glow,

in the chilly wind, cyclone is now searching
the prey for its thirst of disaster, but far
away, the dark sky is touching to the waves
the reflection of love raising the hands to
get the ray, the feeble trust floating on the
aquatic surface, sun still hidden in the valley!